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snow_road's Journal

Michiyuki - Anime Theme Song Rotation
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This is a community to share anime and video game theme songs - endings and openings, character songs, insert songs, etc.

"Snow Road" (AKA "Michiyuki") is the ending theme to the wonderful anime Loveless. Enlighten yourself and watch it.

Rules and info:
~ A post may have a certain anime theme (ex: all Detective Conan, all Fullmetal Alchemist) or one or two songs from each series.

~ Requests can be made from certain series. Please look at the list here. When requesting, please state the name of the song and the series.

- Please comment when taking please. I don't want any leechers!

- Join to request and download songs. Otherwise you get a harsh "NO WAY"

- Please Delete within 24 hours.

- If I pointed you to this commuinity from jpop_uploads or jrock_uploads to collect bribes (only to those who uploaded stuff for me), please mention it in your post.

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