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Rozen Maiden, Sky Gunner, Full Moon, Detective Conan and Ozaki!!! [Oct. 21st, 2006|05:55 pm]
Michiyuki - Anime Theme Song Rotation


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[music |"Through the Years and Far Away" - Hoshi no Koe]

Rotaion 2 everyone!

Rozen Maiden - Kinjirareta Asobi (Forbidden Game)
The opening to Rozen Maiden, by Ali Project. Outstanding visuals in the anime OP (My favorite image was of Jun kissing Shinku's ring ^___^). The lyrics creep me out though
Rozen Maiden Traumend - Seishoujo Ryoiuki (Domain of Holy Girls)
The opening for Rozen Maiden: Traumend, once again by Ali Project.

Sky Gunner -  Wishing for an Eternal Sky
I can't describe how much I love this song (it's so pretty!!!!). This is the main theme of the PS2 game Sky Gunner. I really wish I didn't trade in my SG game, I miss it now. (If anyone has a copy that they don't want, can you please sell it to me?). BTW, the first seven seconds of this mp3 is silence, so don't freak out and think  that your player or speakers are broken.

Full Moon wo Sagashite - I U
The first opening for Full Moon wo Sagashite, by THE *SCANTY. It's so cute and perky! And the anime's OP has the three main chacacters doing a weird dance O_o

Final Fantasy X-2 - Morning Glow
If you played FFX-2, you may recognize the BG. It's the title screen music! It's sung by Yuna's seiyuu, Mayuko Aoki.

Detective Conan - 100 Mono Tobira
The song I mentioned in the previous rotation, sung by Rina Aiuchi and U-ka Saegusa IN db. A very up-beat song.

Detective Conan - Koi wa Suriru Shokku Sasupensu (This Love is Thrill Shock Suspense)
Every time I hear this song, either I see Conan doing Para Para or I do the Para Para for the song (the opening animation seriously has Conan para para-ing) It's an awesome song, sung by Rina Aiuchi

Ozaki Yutaka - 15 no Yoru
This is for the Shimotsuma Monogatari fans. You know that Ozaki song that Ichigo sings? This is it.

Naruto - Nami Kaze Satellite
For some reason, this is my favorite Naruto theme. It's really catchy

Fullmetal Alchemist - Ame no Hiwa No Sankyuu (Rainy Day No Thank You)
This song = LOL. It's Toru Ohkawa and Michiko Neya, the seiyuu of Roy and Riza.  (Yes, I have tons of seiyuu music  :P) I think someone drew a fanart of this song